According to the Keystone Collection Group (the County-Wide Tax Collector for Earned Income Tax – EIT; 1% tax), close to 2,300 audit notices were recently sent out to township residents for tax years  2011 and 2012.

Some of these notices were sent out if you failed to file a “final” Earned Income Tax return (this form is located at under Forms).  Some notices were sent out if Keystone was unaware or could not trace certain type credits (like paying City of Philadelphia Wage Taxes).

  We ask all residents that received these notices to call Keystone’s professional taxpayer services at 1-866-539-1100.

If you did indeed pay Earned Income Tax (1%), most issues can be resolved with the taxpayer submitting his/her W-2 statement (that is supplied by your employer).

The Township Office and Tax Collector Office will only be able offer very limited service on this issue since we did not receive a copy of all audit notices.  Again, please contact Keystone Collection at 1-866-539-1100 for your Earned Income Tax inquiries/issues.

   Also, please remember to file on a yearly basis the “final” Earned Income Tax return.