Municipal Website Design

Municipalities and government entities need a web presence they can trust. Unlike other web design firms, Municipal Web Management brings over eight years of experience in local government to the table. Principal Kyle W. Seckinger has worked in local government for over eight years. In that role he has overseen zoning, township budgets, and township communications. This allows us to bring a unique perspective to your municipality. We understand the needs and budget limitations of municipal clients, and will work with you to make sure you are always providing your citizens with easy-to-access and easy-to-use information.

Our website design packages are customized to each client. We will discuss your needs and help create a plan for your website. Depending on your needs, we offer all of the following services:


Complete Website Redesign/Creation

If you have a website already, we will completely redesign it so it is easy to use. Today too many websites are cluttered and crowded, making information almost impossible to find. Municipal Web Management will work with you to create a clean, easy-to-use website that your citizens will find helpful.

We also offer password-protected pages for content you want to keep from the general public, but provide access to limited individuals outside of your office.  We also offer “Contact Form” pages, where the public can submit concerns and questions directly to the township for response.


Mobile Optimization

Today more than ever, citizens are using mobile devices to browse the Internet. If your website is not designed to work on a mobile device, it will not be as useful to your citizens. Our programmers will give you two options for your mobile site: a dedicated, stripped down version of your site for mobile phones, or a scalable version of the original site which can be viewed on any smartphone.


Website Maintenance

Having a strong web presence is important. Once we create a website for you, it’s extremely important that the website stay up-to-date. At Municipal Web Management we understand that you and your municipality may not have time to constantly update the site. That is why Municipal Web Management can maintain the site for you. As part of the maintenance, we can:

  • Upload minutes from recent meetings
  • Change staff information and contact information
  • Update changes in codes, such as updated zoning codes and other regulations